Appointments of the holidays on which public Administrations and institutions, municipalities and private sector institutions will be closed (Decree No. 15215 Date 9/27/2005 as amended)
Holidays Date Number of days notes
New Year’s day1 January 1 AD 1
Hijri New Year’s day 1 Muharram AH 1
Armenian Christmas January 6 AD 1
St. Maroun’s day February 9 AD 1
Ashoura’s day 10 Muharram AH 1
Prophet Mohammed’s Birthday 12 Rabi first AH 1
Annuciation Mars 25 AD 1
Good Friday (Western) Friday 1 If these 2 holidays were in one day, vacation will be Friday and the following Saturday
Good Friday (Eastern) Friday 1  
Labor Day May 1 AD 1 If this holiday was a Sunday or an already vacation day: the private section will close the next day except hospitals, pharmacies, restaurants and bakeries and these institutions should pay double wages for workers in this day.
Assumption Day August 15 AD 1
Eid El-Fitr (feast of End of Ramadan) Shawwal 1 & 2 AH 2
Independence Day November 22 AD 1
Eid Al-Adha (Feast of the Sacrifice) Dhul Hijjah 10 & 11 AH 2
Christmas Day December 25 AD 1
If one of these holidays was a Sunday or an already vacation day, it won’t be replaced by another day, taking into account the provisions of the Good Friday & the Labor Day Holidays.
The memory of the martyrs which is in May 6 will be celebrated in the first Sunday of May.