Discussions with Lazzarini on giving preference to Lebanese products by UN agencies Minister Abou Faour: "Current policies towards Syrians refugees are random and retaliatory. Their return is impeded by the absence of Syrian regime decision”

24 Jun 2019

The Minister of Industry, Wael Abu Faour, met this afternoon with the United Nations Special Coordinator for Lebanon (UNSCOL), Philippe Lazzarini, and discussed ways to increase the procurement value of international organizations working in Lebanon from Lebanese production and prioritize the industrial and agricultural production sectors

Minister Abou Faour-Christina Lassen talks on increasing exports to Europe Most eligible products to enter the European markets

20 Jun 2019

Minister of Industry, Mr. Wael Abou Faour discussed with EU Ambassador, Christina Lassen, the relationship between Lebanon and the European countries and deliberated on ways to increase Lebanese exports to Europe by enhancing their productive, competitive and differential capacities. The meeting was attended by the Director General of the MOI, Mr. Dany Gedeon and the ministry's negotiating...

Minister Abou Faour: "Protectionist measures approved and irreversible Greatly beneficial to the Clothing industry

19 Jun 2019

The Minister of Industry, Mr. Wael Abou Faour, met this afternoon with a delegation of clothing manufacturers from various parts of Lebanon. They thanked him for the protectionist measures taken by the Council of Ministers which affected the textile and clothing sector by 10%. According to these manufacturers, such measures- that the Minister of Industry is working to consolidate...

Siblin Cement Factory, rehabilitation and reforestation of affected properties in Al-Aychiya Decision by the MoI, communicated to the Ministries of Interior and Environment

18 Jun 2019

The MoI issued a memo to the Siblin Cement Factory for “the rehabilitation and reforestation of affected areas in Al-Aychiya zone with a maximum of a three months period that shall not include by any means quarrying or transport of any soil for industrial use, but shall be limited to the works of rehabilitation and reforestation”.
The MoI’s memo to Siblin...

Ministerial - Parliamentary - Industrial Meeting Abou Faour: "Continued protectionism through new protectionist measures in the general budget” Gemayel: “Industry, capable of stimulating overall economy”

17 Jun 2019

The Association of Lebanese Industrialists (ALI) hosted this afternoon a ministerial, parliamentary and industrial meeting for the support and protection of productive sectors, chiefly the industrial sector.
The Minister of Industry, Mr. Wael Bou Faour, MPs Neemat Efram, Michel Al-Daher, Nazih Najm, Michel Mouawad, Nicolas Nahas, Mohammed Suleiman, Shawki Al-Daccache, Hagop...